How to Ship a Jeep Hardtop [Updated]

This article is all about how to ship a Jeep hardtop. If you’re wondering whether you can ship a hardtop, the answer is yes! In fact, many Jeep owners ship their hardtops when they need to transport them to a new location.

Here’s a guide on how to ship a Jeep hardtop so that it arrives safely at its destination.

Can you ship a hardtop?

The answer is yes, you can ship a Jeep hardtop. In fact, it is quite easy to do. The first thing you need to do is to remove the hardtop from your Jeep. This can be done by following the instructions in your Jeep owner’s manual. Once the hardtop is removed, you will need to place it on something so that it can be shipped. This could be a pallet or a crate. Make sure that the hardtop is secure and cannot move around during shipping.

How to Ship a Jeep Hardtop

When shipping a Jeep hardtop, it is important to take special care in order to avoid damage. The following tips will help ensure that your hardtop arrives safely:

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1. The first step is to find a hardtop shipping company that offers shipping services for Jeep hardtops.

2. Once you’ve found a company, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of your hardtop and provide the company with this information.

3. The company will then provide you with a quote for shipping the hardtop.

4. Once you’ve accepted the quote, the company will schedule a time to pick up the hardtop from your location.

5. The hardtop will be securely loaded onto the truck and shipped to its destination.

6. Once the hardtop arrives at its destination, it will be unloaded and delivered to you.

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How many pounds does a Jeep hardtop weigh?

A Jeep hardtop typically weighs between 150-200 pounds. But the average jeep hardtop weight is 218 pounds, which is 98 in kg.


Shipping a Jeep hardtop is a great way to transport it to a new location. By following the steps above, you can ensure that your hardtop arrives safely at its destination.

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